Solving the Issues

Issue #1: Expenses

This website takes you through all the expenses necessary to having a dog and how you can save money in each category.

Issue #2: Lack of Time

-Dog walkers

-Dog Day care

-Durable chew toys

-Music/TV on throughout the day

-Getting up a little earlier in the morning to exercise your dog

-Hiding toys and treats around the house for your dog to hunt for while you are at work

These small extra steps can tire a dog out and keep it occupied even if the owner works all day and there is no one at the house.

Issue #3: Cleaning

This article discusses different easy, cheap, ways to clean your dog.

Some of these include, bathing, brushing the dogs teeth, brushing, paw and nail care, and shedding issues

Additionally, here are facts of how to prevent shedding:



Why People Don’t Own Dogs

Previous Dog Owners:

-vet costs (30%)  

-general costs (29%)

-lack of time (27%)

People Who Were Never Dog Owners:

-cleaning (30%)

-lifestyle (30%)

-general expense (29%)

-no time (25%)

-vet expenses (24%)

However… only 20% said they didn’t like dogs…


Call to Action!

The importance of all of this information is to continue to educate non-dog owners as well as dog owners to get them to gain a better understanding of their personal benefits of dog ownership. Also providing information on the steps and necessary facts to know before owning a dog is beneficial to those who are skeptical about owning dogs. Also adopting or rescuing dogs is very important regarding the benefits for not only the owner but also the dog population to help them as well. Provided on this website are different links to places to adopt and rescue dogs, as well as a surplus of links to articles providing necessary information for individuals looking to buy a dog.

Disability Help

Of course we can’t forget about how much dogs play an important role in the lives of the disabled. For some children with special needs, a dog is there go-to for social interactions. For others with visual impairment, a dog is their only reliant source of getting places and knowing where to go. There are many people with disabilities, both physical and mental, who rely on dogs to get along with their every day lives.


Children’s Benefits

Dogs are typically known for being the responsibility of an adult rather than a younger child. Although, adults are the main care takers and owners of the dogs, children actually receive lots of positive effects from the presence of a dog in the household. It gives the children a companion and a responsibility that they would not otherwise have. It also creates for an emotional attachment and can help them better express their feelings and emotions towards another living being.



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